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Sabato, 06 Aprile 2019

Teke B. et al.

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Effect of lairage time after short distance transport on some biochemical stress parameters and meat quality of Karakaya lambs

  • Riferimento: Large Animal Review 2018; 24: 41-44
  • Abstract: Sheep are transported for various causes such as sale, breeding and slaughter. Several potential stressors which impair the meat quality affect sheep during the transport. Lairage is a common commercial practise to get rid of transportation stress before slaughter. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of three lairage period (0, 2, 4 h) on some blood biochemical parameters and meat quality characteristics after short distance unpaved transport. A total of 25 single born, male, average 90 days of age Karayaka lambs was used. The lambs were loaded to trailer and 30 km of journey took 30 min for on unpaved road condition. Lambs were randomly divided into three groups. First group lambs slaughtered immediately after unloading (L0, n = 9), second group lambs kept in lairage for 2h (L2, n = 8) and third group lambs kept in lairage for 4h (L4, n = 8) before slaughter. Blood samples were taken immediately before slaughter. There was no significant differences among L0, L2 and L4 groups in terms of meat color characteristics, except a* and C* values measured at 24 h and 7 d after cutting that were higher in L0 group than in L4 group. Results of the current study indicate that lairage time (0, 2, 4 h) after short distance transport had significant influence neither on biochemical stress parameters nor on meat quality characteristics, except redness and chroma values. Therefore, when biochemical responses of lambs and meat quality characteristics are taken into consideration, it can be said that lambs could be slaughtered after short time transport with a less resting period. More detailed studies need to be carried out to determine the effect of short distance transport and short lairage period on blood biochemical parameters and meat quality characteristics.
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  • Specie: animali da reddito
  • Anno: 2018
  • Rivista: Large Animals Review
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