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Sabato, 06 Aprile 2019

Faillace V. et al

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Tracheal collapse in a Belgian Blue Calf: radiographic and endoscopic findings 

  • Riferimento: Large Animal Review 2018; 24: 241-242
  • Abstract: A 40-day-old Belgian Blue calf was referred with history of wheezing and dyspnea an occasional cough. Upon physical examination breathing was stridulous and tracheal palpation elicited a mild cough. Auscultation of the respiratory tract showed harsh and tracheal sounds that refer to the chest, no abnormalities in the lungs. Diagnostic tests were necessary to make at the differential diagnosis of major respiratory diseases, that include: chronic bronchitis, infectious tracheobronchitis, tracheal obstruction due to intraluminal disease or extraluminal compression or pneumonia. Radiographic and endoscopic examination revealed a tracheal collapse/stenosis at the thoracic inlet. In this case, physical examination was insufficient to obtain a diagnosis, only just adding diagnostic imaging, such as radiograph, together with over imaging techniques has allows for the direct visualization of the mucous membrane and the lumen of the nasal, pharyngeal, and tracheal region, has led to a certain diagnosis. Tracheal collapse/stenosis was suspected, based on clinical findings and confirmed by diagnostic imaging. A progressively worsening dyspnea is good presumptive evidence for tracheal collapse and must however be considered in a differential diagnosis. Nonspecific etiology has not been proven, but cranial thoracic trauma, tracheostomies and congenital defects have been reported as causes in the literature. Tracheal collapse or stenosis in calves are infrequently and rare.
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  • Specie: animali da reddito
  • Anno: 2018
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